New medicine against news diseases

Because our world changed during the XXth and of XXIth centuries, because numerous emergent diseases appeared, because diseases formerly known appear in new forms, because the conditions of the public health are transformed on a daily basis, it is important that our vision of the health and the not health adapts itself to the new situation. The survival of the species, the included humanity, rests on a principle of evolution and adaptation.

In front of change of paradigm, scientists, researchers and therapists have to evolve in their design of the mechanisms of morbidity, the coverage of the pathologies, the strengthening of the ground, the stimulation of the immune systems, the prevention. The answer to this new problem rests at the same time on a GLOBAL STRATEGY and on a POOLING of all the therapeutic approaches.

The epidemiology shows us that because of the poisoning of the circles and the destruction of the biodiversity, the state of health and not health of the populations changed and the scientists have to adapt themselves and propose new therapeutic solutions.

It is from this report that arose PHYTOCORSA school, fruit of several decades of researches in the field of the human and environmental health, integrating the most recent data of the western science into the thousand-year-old principles proposed by the traditional sciences of the whole world: Tibetan, Chinese, ayurvedic, without forgetting the empirical recipes of our french regions


We particularly attempted to retain only teachings and discoveries validated, without possible contesting, by studies published in reviews recognized as references by the international scientific community.


" I was interested in the ecology and in the toxicology from the beginning of my medical studies, at the end of the seventies, and I since accumulated the researches, the studies, the formations, in varied domains and which allowed me after an enormous work of synthesis to set up this formation.

The teaching which I propose is not certainly exhaustive - no scientific discipline can claim the being - but it has the advantage to propose a new understanding of the mechanisms which lead to the disease, and to propose adapted therapeutic solutions. 

The quantum biology is a major element of this teaching, because she allows us to include that any health bases on an informative balance. Multiple biological messages establish a permanent dialogue between all the biological structures of a body, and with its environment.

A human being is the permanent seat of ten thousand chemical reactions per second, piloted by enzymatic chains in interdependence.

It is obvious that this coherence is permanently managed by a system of communication of an extreme complexity and ipso facto of an extreme fragility.

It is likely that all the pathological states result and are deteriorated by the "energy jamming" of these biological messages, by the break of dialogue, owed at first instance by the poisoning and the pollution of the circles and of the bodies. 

The purpose of this education is to make understand these noxious mechanisms and to face it, by a global strategy acting on all the plans, physical, mental and spiritual.

"Science without consciousness is only ruin of the soul".

François Rabelais, doctor, writer, humanist …


Christophe Girardin Andreani,