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Phytocorsa Ecole

Phytocorsa school is a center of education in naturopathy by correspondence and by training course. The teaching program on one, two or three years integrates the global theme of the alternative medicines. 

3 years of trainings are proposed: the first year give a certificate of " Councillor in Natural health ", subject to success in the examinations (continuous assessment and final examination, study of a clinical case). The second year give a certificate of " Practitioner in Natural Health ". The third year is one year of deepening of the knowledge

Certification programmes

Phytocorsa Ecole frees to his students the certificate "to advise in natural health" further to the first year and the certificate "practitioner in natural health" further to the second year (subject to success in the examinations).

Phytocorsa Ecole is recorded with the European certification body REFORMED (European Grouping for TRAINING and Gratitude of the not conventional MEDICINES).

A full programme

A graduate formation in environmental medicine, ecotoxicology, quantum biology and biological messages, interactions between the forms of the alive, the poisonings and the infections columns, immunodeficiencies, answers of the herbal medicine, the nutrition, the quantum medicine and the ethnic medicine to the emergent pathologies, the prevention and the restoration of the ground and the natural defenses.

Correspondance & training

The program of teaching concerns one or two years and every year articulates around 12 modules by correspondence. All the modules (except the last one dedicated to the clinical case studies), are organized on the same concept (100 hours by module). The program of teaching joins also two training courses of three days a year (twice 200 hours of personal work).

Become naturopath

During the years of training proposed by Phytocorsa Ecole you would acquire knowledge and skills necessity to install you as naturopath. You will learn to arrest the person in its entirety and to dispense advice of lifestyle to live better and in better health.

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